Backtrack to Day 2

Yesterday was great... aside from being in pain from where the light fixture fell on me. I drank lemon-juice-ice-water most of the day (couple of quarts), switching to green tea in the late afternoon. For breakfast, I had a fried egg (pan spray so no oil or butter).

Lunch was some raspberries, apricots, and homemade hummus (garbanzo beans, tahini, onion, garlic, lemon juice and artichoke hearts) with rice crackers. Had a snack of raw cabbage and carrots, then for dinner, more hummus, rice crackers and an apple I shared with the chicken (she got the core). Multivitamin and fish oil before bed.

Cleaned 3 of the 4 bathrooms, tidied our guest room (which is usually the plant room), organized the pantry, made the grocery list for this weekend, exercised, finished working on the new chicken coop, got the 10 7-week-old chickens into the coop, fed/watered/hayed all of the animals, played with the goats and watered my garden.

Busy day. Wonder what today (Day 3) will bring?

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