Day 27 Sun Horrible Day

I guess Sunday started out ok. Up early. Milked our new goat (got a quart!). Fed the rest of the animals. 10 minutes on the exercycle. Then breakfast of yogurt and banana. First mistake. Not enough protein. Did a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, gathered 5 eggs from our 6 laying chickens. Then at 11:30 we realized the farmer's market closed at 1 so we hurried into town (a 30 minute drive).

Shoulda taken a snack of nuts or eaten before we left. Second mistake.

Took us a while to find the farmers market because it had been moved without notification. My kid wanted to try some homemade orange cream soda and they were also selling spiced (sugar/cinnamon) pecans. Bought one of each without thinking, and then my Kid offered me a sip of his drink. Third mistake. Very sugary.

Down hill from there. Along the way a farmer was offering tastes of his fresh-picked apricots. I bit into a nice juicy slice. Fourth mistake. Again, sugar (albeit natural) without protein.

Bought some apricots, and at another booth some cherries and onions. Also bought some honey without tasting (yeah!). But then my Kid convinced us to go into the ice cream shoppe where I tried the cherries jubilee ... fifth mistake ... very very very sweet. Didn't get any but still ... headache by now.

Village Inn for lunch (refused to go anywhere else until we ate properly); had 2 egg cheese omelet, 2 pieces bacon, cottage cheese. Then the library for an hour, then home. Put 2 pork chops in the crockpot (for Hubby because I don't like pork chops ... got them from a pig slaughtered by a neighbo). Watered the garden. Checked for more eggs. Started feeling worse, and started feeling depressed. Still, managed to get some other stuff done before dinner. Dinner: half an apricot, half a cantaloupe, yogurt. Sixth mistake... still not enough protein and no veggies.

Milked the goat again, and couldn't do it right because my hypoglycemia kicked in, with shaking hands. Was taking too long, and the goat started getting ticked off, kicking and biting her feed bucket. Gave up after 35 minutes, about 1/2 cup shy of a quart. By then it was dark. I missed saying good night to my 17 chickens and 4 goats because immediately after milking, it needs to be strained/filtered and quickly chilled so I rushed into the kitchen.

By this time I was in a full-blown depression. Ate some of those cinnamon pecans, then the rest. Seventh mistake. I just didn't care. But then I kinda ... in my sugar fog ... realized it's not too late to get something good from the day so I rode the exercycle for 10 minutes.

Just can't have sugar any more. It messes with my brain chemistry. I also need more protein... with each meal. Not a lot, but enough to counteract any fruit sugars or carbs. Valuable lesson. Also can't sample at the farmer's market. And need to eat a big meal before going on Sundays, leaving early enough so we don't feel rushed. And have to think about every purchase (no more cinnamon/spiced pecans or letting the Kid talk me into ice cream).

I still have the headache this morning. But I'm not giving up.

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