Day 26 Sat Food and Family

Breakfast: 2 pieces gf raisin bread, red cherries, peach yogurt

Lunch: leftover turkey/lentil taco meat, corn tortilla chips, lowfat sour cream, nectarine

Dinner: peach yogurt (I was exhausted and it was late and I really hurt)

Snack: none

Drinks: made gallon of green tea/decaf earl gray tea and shared that with Hubby all day. Gone by end of day.

Exercise: 10 minutes exercycle, walked my baby goat around our 2-acres' perimeter, weeded, ran up and down stairs to basement 35 times.

Didn't do a lot during the day. Gardened a little. Played with our goats. Rigged up another chicken coop for the 5 new chickens, wrangled the new chickens to keep them from killing our other chickens, and played with our new goat. Cleaned part of the basement. Filled up livestock feed bins. Found my lost cell phone. 3 loads of laundry. Dishes.

I know. Boring. But a much-needed "day off". Tis the way on a farm!

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