Day 12 Weigh In

I weighed this morning. Bit disappointment. Thursday was 250.4 and this morning it is 248.6... a loss of only 1.8 pounds, and 7.2 for the week.

Pizza is my downfall (last night). I ate three pieces ... gluten-free bread, store-bought pesto (salty), red pepper, onion, mushrooms. Instant decaf tea.

Maybe it was the three pieces of pizza. Maybe it was the salty pesto that made me retain water. Maybe it was the lifting weights that created muscle. Maybe it was that I didn't eat an egg for breakfast yesterday and instead had the oatmeal/quinoa combo.

Yes, I lost weight but I worked really hard and thought it would be more. I think we'll move pizza night from Friday night to Sunday lunch. And eat only 2 pieces. And figure out how to make my own pesto that is just as good as store-bought WITHOUT the salt.


TJ said...

Hey there Vee! Glad to see you are back on your journey! I am having problems with BLOGGER so I added you to my paper list to try to get more names on my blog roll- it rejects any new ones I add, but occasionally accepts one! I will keep trying! lol :) Great loss this week!!! You should not be disappointed at all!!! Keep up the great work!

Vee said...

Thanks, TJ. Appreciate it! Vee