A busy Day 5

Yesterday, Day 5, was so busy.... trying to get a ton of cleaning and arranging chores done. Got up, started gf oatmeal in the crockpot (which I later found out I hadn't plugged in so breakfast was late!), fried me an egg, and started cleaning the kitchen. Lemon juice ice water with oatmeal, assigned chores to the family, finished cleaning the guest bedroom, finished cleaning all of the bathrooms, finished cleaning the kitchen, and started dinner (crockpot pork-n-beans). Also made some ricotta cheese from some spoiled goat's milk ... which the chickens ate like they were starving!

Lunch ... grapes. I intended to fix gf pasta with homemade pesto (my version: olive oil, walnuts, basil and garlic) but then Hubby broke the mower and decided he would grab something in town. Deflated my sails. Disappointed that he didn't have another 10 minutes to wait for lunch. So I just munched on grapes for a while.

Tended the chickens and goats. Got the tools out of the house and into the garage cause, come on, that's where they're supposed to be! Unpacked some more boxes. Weeded the corn.

Dinner: my pork-n-beans fixed the only way my Kid will eat them (white beans, tomato paste, bacon, onion powder, garlic powder, and a little brown sugar). I also made some cole slaw for me (cabbage, carrots, onion powder and a little mayo). Drank unsweetened decaf tea.

Let the laying hen out before dusk so she could try to eat some grasshoppers. Yeah, right. She was more interested in finding out what I had in my hand for her (I had on my garden gloves). Peck peck peck!

At dusk, put her back with her rooster, made sure everyone had dinner (the goats got a treat of some peanuts in their shells), and passed out for a few minutes. Up, shower, plan today, watched a little mindless TV (really, mindless doesn't describe it as I can't even tell you what I watched!) and bed.

I meant to get up early this morning but slept in till around 6:45. Argh. After I'm done typing this, I'm turning off the computer, and getting back to work. Mom-in-law will be here around noon, and there is still a large list of things I need to do, like make the potato salad, marinate the steaks, make a pot of tea, finish unpacking 2 more boxes, clean our bedroom, and probably take a shower since it's supposed to be a little hot again today. Should get everyone else up first, I guess.

Tomorrow I weigh. Every other day. Hope I don't overindulge tonight on the potato salad and gf chocolate chip cookies.

Happy Independence Day, all! Remembering that I'm here, able to enjoy (limited) freedom because my ancestors wanted a better life.

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