Day 6 Independence Day, and Day 7

Yesterday, Day 6, started fast and furious! Up early to clean, organize, move boxes, make sure the guest room was ready, and so on. Got a lot done. Did I eat breakfast? I barely remember. Yes, I probably fried an egg, as I have every morning for almost a week.

Lunch? I was eating some cherries when mom-in-law arrived and forgot to get anything else.

Dinner: About half an ear of grilled corn, which later tore me up inside. No more corn. I keep forgetting. Couple bites of grilled steak. Grilled mushrooms. Two, yes, 2 helpings of my famous potato salad. (Okay, not so famous but absolutely delicious.) Tea.

Then the storm came. Flooded the goat pen. Washed away some stuff from the deck. Tornado warning prompted a journey to the basement. Played with the bunny, rode the exercycle for 5 minutes 32 seconds, and sorted laundry. I know.... I'm such a great hostess!

After dinner and the tornado situation, and while we were watching "Time Traveler's Wife (wonderful!), I had three gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Meant to eat the watermelon but we were all so full!

Bed around 10:30 because we were ALL so tired!

Day 7 (today): Mom-in-law stirred early so naturally I got up too. I was the great domestic diva today! Fixed everybody their fried laid-on-our-farm eggs, and individualized muffins (MIL and Hubby got oat blueberry, I got gluten-free blueberry, and my Kid got gluten-free chocolate chip). Also laid out some fruit. I only ate half my muffin, abandoning it for just plain blueberries.

Made some blueberry bread for neighbor and took it over; she gave me a gallon of goat milk. I believe I'll make some cheese and/or yogurt tomorrow.

Lunch at Village Inn: cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit salad (watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes), 2 scrambled eggs, and made my own iced tea with a decaf herb tea bag that I had in my purse. Pretty good considering I love their club sandwiches.

Snack: I munched on a few grapes as I cut them up for the dehydrator, and a couple tablespoons of leftover potato salad.

Dinner: well, I'm still waiting for my rice-cooked-in-goat-milk to finish up in the crockpot. Have some greens in the fridge, some mushrooms, a boiled egg, and some roasted chicken. I think I'll have a little salad.

I didn't weigh this morning because I was concerned about my food yesterday. Kinda afraid to face the scale, I guess. The potato salad is always my downfall, but I didn't have THREE servings! I'll weigh tomorrow. Maybe I should ride the exercycle a few minutes before bed.

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