Weekend eating

Very busy this weekend with farm chores, but got to enjoy lots of homemade things, like rice pudding! I know, sounds not-healthy but it was basically brown rice, raw goat's milk and a little honey to sweeten. Cooked in the crockpot until it was creamy goo. Delicious!

Ate some more of our chicken eggs, oranges, peanut butter for protein, and homemade blueberry bread (no butter, which is a huge step for me).

Even made rice and oats for the goats! (Helps with them dealing with intense heat.)

Just watched Rachael Ray's TV show and it was a rerun of something from January. Had a Dr. Ian Smith on with his 4-day diet ... like a detox diet with 4 day modules. Does anyone know about this diet? Does it really work? Sounds like basically how I eat, except cutting out most of my dairy and all starches.


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