Hard Work Equals Hunger

I worked hard yesterday, in the heat, and with help from Hubby, the Kid and a friend, we got the goats and one of the chickens moved outside. Made a loaf of bread for friend as a thank you and after he left, made another one for us. I only ate a quarter of it (which is about half of what I usually eat).

We ate fresh eggs (from my one laying chicken) for dinner last night, and my first homemade batch of goat yogurt for breakfast yesterday. Lunch was bad ... leftover chinese food. But still... I guess it's baby steps again.

Does help that I was so active yesterday. Besides working on the goat and chicken pens, I planted more potatoes, beans and onions, and mulched my squash pool (using a plastic kiddie pool as a raised bed/container garden). And watered my tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.

Gonna be a scorcher today. Possibly 101. Probably won't get much done at all. Might even hide in the basement!

I think I'll have another yogurt for breakfast.

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