Time To Start Again

It is very hot here, so I got out some shorts to put on. Hadn't worn them since I bought them. They don't fit. I couldn't bend over to garden if I wanted to.

That's it.

So... today is Day 1 of my getting-healthy life. Again.

I'm starting out the day with lemon juice in water. In a little bit I'll put some lentils and brown rice with whole garlic cloves in the crockpot so I can eat on that all day. I'll also have 2-3 servings of fruit, and 2-3 servings of veggies.... once Hubby brings more home when he gets off from work. I also have some greens in my windowsill that I'll munch on, and one homemade goat yogurt left in the fridge.

One day at a time.

* * *
Today I choose to go sugar-less and sweetener-less. See AntiJared/Tony? I'm reading you again.

= = = =

Measurements and Weight:

1/26/09: 299 lbs
6/26/10: 264.6 lbs

Under Breasts at Chest:
2/22/09: 44.5"
6/29/10: 43.75"

Rite Upper Arm:
2/22/09: 18.25"
6/29/10: 18.0"

Rite Upper Thigh:
2/22/09: 29"
6/29/10: 27.75"

Hips/Stomach Just Below BellyButton:
2/22/09: 58"
6/29/10: 56.5"

Sigh. At least I didn't gain while I was "off". Right?


Lyn said...

Welcome back!! So good to see you :)

moonduster said...

Good luck! Sounds like your starting off well this time. :)