The Cold Revives Me.

Okay, so my life is upside down again. Deep breath. I've calmed down over the weekend, and ready to face this upheaval... head on.

I'd left the window open last night, awaking to a slight chill from the cold front that came through yesterday. Hmmm.... snuggle under the blankets weather. I love this time of year. It put me in a great frame of mind.

So I slept in a little in this chilly room. Up around 7:15, downstairs to fix breakfast (grapenuts mixed with raisin bran and fat-free milk). Afterward I snuggled back in the bed with my paperwork (to plan my next steps for health, money and selling the house) and the laptop. Thought and wrote and planned for about an hour. It wasn't until after I awoke my kid at 8:30 before I turned on the news.

See? Starting the day out right. I'm looking to turn this catastrophe into a positive.

You know? I didn't sleep very well the early part of last night because of some major intense dreams and the bedroom was still warm from the hot Sunday. Once it turned cold, I dropped like a log. I'm thinking that I'll take a nap in a little bit. While the kid works on schoolwork. Maybe I'll drink a big glass of water first.

Hmm.... did I mention that I love cold weather? Yup, I do! Ahhh... a positive frame of mind. I am revived.

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VRaz60 said...

Fall is my favorite, too. I love the crisp nights and colorful days.