Monday Meals

Yesterday was pretty good. We had 2 showings, but they came at 4:30-5:30 (dinner time). We came home and I popped some gf mac and cheese in the oven for kid, and not 15 minutes into it's cooking time, we got a call for a 6:30-8:30 showing! I told them I needed to get my kid to bed, that they could have till 8:00 so I turned off the oven and we left.

I stopped at Subway for 2 bags of apple slices and 2 milks (proud of me?!?!) and we went to Barnes and Nobles bookstore to chill until 7:45. By the time we got home, the prospective buyers were gone but had left all the lights on and the back door unlocked. I finished heating the kid's food and grabbed me some carrots and a yogurt. By then, all I wanted was bed!

I think I'll start with a bagel today.

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