I promise, I'm not trying to get sympathy! Things just happen. And so they did... again. Turns out the buyer's mortgage people lied about having his loans done and ready to close. Which we were supposed to do on Friday. I got a couple of hours before we were supposed to head down to the title office to sign the papers ... found out about all of the lies. Our agent told us she'd had enough. So had we. Hubby was more furious than I'd ever heard him... kinda quiet and seething. Not me... I screamed, hollered, threw things, cried, and was so angry it took hours for me to calm down. So we terminated the contract, and our house went back on the market Friday afternoon. It took a few hours to get the house back ready to show again (most of our stuff had already been moved!) but we were ready for our first showing Saturday morning. There was a second on Sunday.

Meanwhile, I've actually been eating pretty healthy - from our fridge mostly. Can't cook. Again! So tonight I had a bagel with deli turkey and a tomato from our potted garden, with carrots and fat-free milk.

And 2 candy-bars. Ok. I'm not perfect, and it's been a really stressful few months!

Um... if I eat an almond joy, is that considered a protein bar?

Just kidding. Vee

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

oy vey - I dunno what is wrong in this world! I would be right there with you kicking, screaming & throwing things! I'm keeping you in my thoughts!