Yikes. A Delay?!?!

Unbelievably, our house closing has been delayed. I was so up on Thursday, completing expecting to close, and around 11 a.m., my agent called. Said the buyer's financing wasn't in order and we needed to delay until Friday. So I had to call to reschedule the truck and moving team, at a cost, mind you.

Friday, another delay. The buyer's lender's underwriter's computer crashed, and since no one had a backup or hard copy, they couldn't continue to work on the file. So... now we're up on the air. He's technically "out of contract" which means we could totally tell him to go beep himself and put the house back on the market. But that means we're delayed in moving.

So... I canceled the truck and moving team completely. Supposedly we'll close on Monday but I'm not rescheduling anything until we're at the closing. Meanwhile, Hubby took 2 days off to close and move, and that's 2 days of his vacation used that we would have preferred to save for the Fall or Winter.

So... we're in limbo.

The good news is (1) my wrist is healing, and (2) I've been making pretty good choices for meals, even tho we're eating out a lot, and (3) my mammogram turned out normal so we're taking a wait-and-see attitude towards this lump.

Oh, my phone is still scheduled to be changed to the new place on Monday. We'll see!


Shelley said...

Vee, you sure have been through the wringer with this move...I hope Monday finishes everything!

So glad to hear the mammo was normal! Great news!!!

Ron said...

hope you get this all finished up on Monday

Miz said...

totally glooooossssing over the delay and on to the GREAT NEWS ABOUT THE MAMMOGRAM!!!!