Busy Day

I woke up at 5 a.m., as usual, after a fairly good night of sleep. I had opened the window to let some cool air in, and it was wonderful.

Before I even thought about eating, I watered the front and back yards. It took about an hour and a half, which included the potted veggies. I picked two squash - one of which was massively huge.

Came in and heated two gluten-free cinnamon rolls - one for the kid and one for me. Beyond delicious! After which, I ate a nectarine. Yum.

Then I got a phone call about a showing at noon, so I got busy cleaning. I hadn't realized but cleaning about 20 windows, both sides, is a real workout! Wow, I'm sore. Anyway, by the time I finished, I threw myself into the shower, cleaning it as I went, dried off, dressed, gathered our stuff, and left barely before noon. Ooop, forgot to eat. Tried to grab gluten-free grilled chicken breast from Jack In The Box but gotta say, it was disgusting. I threw half of it and half of my fries away, drank a milk and drank a water.

Got a call for another showing, this one from 1-3 so after a quick errand, we went to Barnes and Nobles Bookstore where I finished a book I'd been working on for the last month. Finished it so now I don't have to pay for it!

Grabbed Wendy's on the way home - taco salad - I used my own gluten-free corn chips at home, so it was pretty healthy. I had just finished eating and was laying down upstairs (headache) when the doorbell rang. It was a showing that NO ONE told me about. I asked them to wait 5 minutes (my kid was on the toilet!). We scrambled, restaged the house, and left.

See? Busy day!

I was stil hungry so at about 7 I had a bowl of gluten-free corn Chex with milk and a banana. I should be good to go.

Time to get the kid to bed. Have a great night, everyone.

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

That was a busy day. I hope the showings went well!