Uh Oh - Learning Opportunity

I started out this weekend doing great ... you know, being gluten-free. I'll figure out the weight loss later. Just getting off the wheat is my goal for now.

Friday I didn't eat enough so by 2:00 I was hitting a hypoglycemic attack. Kid and I stopped at Denny's where I had a scrambled egg and fries with cheese and bacon, and by the time we left, I wasn't shaking any more. (He had scrambled eggs and bacon.) We both drank water - lots of it.

Then Hubby came home for the weekend. For dinner we stopped at McDonalds (had a showing at our house so we had to be gone). Hubby got lots to eat and Kid and I got apple dippers (sans caramel), milk and water. That was just fine with us.

Saturday got weird. I started out pretty good - gluten-free corn chex with fat-free milk and a banana. We had 2 showings so had to be gone around lunch-time - for 4 hours. Headed to Village Inn. We were so busy talking about a ridiculous offer we got on the house ($28,000 LESS than our asking price!) that I just ordered without thinking.

We were still gone for a while. Went to a favorite store, then to Vitamin Cottage for goat and greek yogurt, then to local grocery for org whole milk for Kid and a few other things, including brownies for Hubby and gluten-free cinnamon rolls for Kid and I for probably Monday/Tuesday. Home by dinner time, by which time I had a raging headache with nausea. First in several days. Even cramping, almost as bad as when I had a kidney stone.

I had a yogurt and took some migraine pills, but the nausea and pain increased. I thought that writing here would be good for me, so I turned on my computer, logged in and started to write.

Then it struck me. I had wheat for lunch. I ate a club sandwich, because I just didn't think about my choice.

Obviously, I cancelled my post, logged off, and screamed. Argh!

Again, complete confirmation that I have a problem with wheat. The pain and the stupidity of my choice had me in tears. Hubby and Kid have promised to help me remember to not blindly order again, and to not eat wheat. I grabbed an avocado and rice crackers and greek yogurt and a gallon of water - time to load up on the fiber to push through the wheat, yogurt to soothe my stomach, and water to help the fiber go through.

But... for the first time since last Monday, I needed aid to sleep. And had to double the dose for the migraine meds. And nearly threw up when my Hubby wanted a goodnight kiss. Sorry honey!

But I'm better today. Not nauseated. Headache gone by mid-day. And I ate nothing with wheat, and drank lots more water.

Lesson learned. I HOPE!!


Carly said...

Bummer! I have a ton of food allergies too and if I am not careful the same thing happens to me. For me it is the artificial sweeteners.

Good luck selling the house!

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Thanks, Carly. It's hard, isn't it? Thanks for your support. Vee

Ron said...

I am sure this is a major adjustment for you. Im sure you will have it down in no time@