Takin' a Drink

We expected rain today but it sprinkled for like 40 seconds. So, yeah, it's hot again today... 82 degrees in my bedroom.

I've been so thirsty today. Along with a little food, I had almost a quart of juice, a quart of water, 2 protein shakes and am working on a quart of instant decaf "cold" tea. Still can't get enough! I'm eying an airplane-size bottle of kahlua, but I won't really do it.

I had forgotten about this part ... me and hot weather. Last summer, I kept a big bottle of filtered water in the fridge at all times, and usually two or three gallons of different kinds of tea too. It goes down easier when it's cold. Only problem is... right now, my fridge is full to the brim with gluten-free breads for Tween, and fresh produce. Guess I better get the kid eating tomorrow! Maybe I'll clean the kitchen too.


What did YOU have to drink today?


Nikki said...

Water. Lots and lots of water. I miss Diet coke!

Twix said...

Sun tea & lots of water!! ;-)

VRaz60 said...

I have not yet given up my one diet coke in the morning. After that it's water, water, then more water. Then occasionally a cup of green tea.

Deborah said...

Know what you mean about the liquids. I'm the same way and it's good for us too!!

It took me all day to get my kitchen cleaned up yesterday. I just wasn't in the mood and would do a little and then find something else to do (play on the computer with a facebook app) and then do a little more to the kitchen. :o) Finally finished at 11:30 last night.