I'm hot and I'm hungry.

We had a busy busy weekend. Hot here in the Denver area, with expected rains that never materialized ... at least, not here. But when I get hot, I don't want to bother to eat.

Like yesterday. I had a protein drink for breakfast, had an actual lunch (avocado burger and home fries with 7 glasses of iced tea!) and didn't feel like dinner to Hubby made me have another protein drink.

Today, we did a lot more yard work and I got big-time sunburnt and eaten by mosquitos. For breakfast, I had ... dag... a peanut butter and cherry preserves sandwich and some juice. For lunch, I drank some tea, and for dinner, I had another sandwich and some more juice. Oh, and some carrots.

But I want more. Like a huge carafe of decaf iced tea, only we don't keep ice in the house, and the tea isn't made. Or a huge glass of fat-free milk. Anything to get me cold in the inside and out.

It's almost time for me to go to sleep. I hear my 12 year old boy in the other room still giggling to himself and making noises. He hates to go to sleep, but once he's there, he's gone gone gone. I still have to braid my hair that's still wet from my latest shower. And take my vitamins and blood pressure med (one day soon, I won't need it). Maybe I'll take them with a glass of luke-warm instant decaf tea. Yuck. Maybe just distilled water. Lukewarm. Still yuck.

Have a great moment, people!


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Here in Las Vegas it is very hot too. I have a shake for breakfast usually too. It helps out a lot. I love tea too, definetely a good alternative to soda etc. Have a great week.

Emmett said...

Love the blog.

Ron said...

We have been fortunate here in ILLINOIS to not have "hot" weather yet... but we know its coming!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Not too hot where I am yet either, but it reminds me to keep some ice tea handy!

And sounds like some really healthy eating choices--so many people reach for the ice cream when it gets hot.

Vee said...

Crabby: Ice cream is too sweet. When I take in something that sweet when I'm that hot, my blood sugar rockets, and my pre-diabetes rears its ugly head, making me feel sick to my stomach and close to fainting.

I think I **will** make some tea and keep it in the fridge. Thanks all!


VRaz60 said...

We're getting the heat here in Iowa, but it'll get worse before it gets better. Gotta have lots of water ready.