Between Rain and Tea

It finally started to rain, cooling from yesterday's high 80's to today's expected highs of 53. Ain't Spring grand?! The good part of this, besides cooling the outside temps, is that I don't have to get out there and water the garden or yard. Maybe some of the bean seeds I planted a couple of days ago will start to sprout.

I got up this morning hear this old house (ok.. 1991!) moan and groan with the unexpected rain. This was the hardest rain we've had since we moved in 16 months ago. Once up and sounds verified (NOT a burglar!), I enjoyed my morning apple with a little lite tidying up. A real estate person will be here tomorrow to discuss listing our house so there's lots to do. And about 10, I made some gf banana pancakes and opened up a V8-VFusion juice, while making up a big bottle of decaf tea with stevia.

Tween is down getting some gluten-free bread heated up with a little butter on it for a snack. Then he has to get back to schoolwork. I spent a lot of time yesterday working on his curriculum to get him caught up by December and need him to focus. Now we just need to apply it. Him. All of the above.

Time to go get some more tea! Vee

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I'm suprised, it hasn't rained very much out here in Minneapolis - where is the spring showers? I love the smell of rain!

Good luck with the realtor!