The Heat of the Oven

I like to bake bread. Well, I like using my bread machines to come up with delicious and sometimes not-so-delicious experiments using a variety of flours.

But... all of the real estate agents I've interviewed thus far agree: get rid of almost everything in the house. Declutter. Which means, the bread machines must go.

"But I read that one should freshly-bake chocolate chip cookies or bread for open houses!"

"Yes, but you can't actually have evidence of doing this."

"Because it looks like clutter?"

"Kinda. People want the illusion of having a happy healthy warm family experience in the house, making it a home, without actually seeing evidence of it. The smell of freshly-baked cookies or bread helps that. Seeing a used cookie sheet or bread machine makes it too personal for the prospective family to envision their own family in the house."

Guess it's prepared meals like yogurt or cereal, for a while. No freshly baked bread. And for the cookies... I guess I'll heat up the whole house making these cookies (ok... breaking off the squares from the bought dough) in the oven (and not the new-wave oven that my Hubby loves so much), and then immediately wash the cookie sheet and hide it in the oven. And then turn on all the fans since this house is an oven in the summer, even without cooking!Argh.


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I love good home made bread. Especially whole wheat bread. That stinks that you have to get ride of your bread machines and such. I live in Las Vegas, it gets very hot here too.

Emmett said...

The cookies sound soo good right now.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

ooohhh....I'm now drooling over the smell of bread coming from the kitchen! LOVE HOME BAKED BREAD! You want my address ;)

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Jen: sure! as soon as we sell the house, buy another and unpack... i'll send a loaf or two of bread! :) Vee