Busy Friday and now Saturday

Yesterday was the first day of "book day" - we have over 3 or 4 THOUSAND books, and needed to pack them up for the storage unit. I mean, what if someone would otherwise buy the house but sees the books and realizes they just don't read? So Tween and I started going through books, separating into "box up" and "keep out". The ones we kept out are for his schoolwork over the next several months, since (1) we don't know when the house will sell, and (2) we do schooling year-round, yes, even in the summer. He starts reading "Fellowship of the Ring" on Monday.

So, while packing up books, organizing estimates for repairs, doing lots of laundry, meeting with a glazier (window repair), pulling stickers off walls, and cleaning walls, I kinda forgot to eat. But that's ok, right? I did eat an apple first thing in the morning, then around lunchtime Tween wanted to take a break so I heated up some cheeseburgers I'd made the day before (for me - he had leftover gf pizza). Then Hubby came home, we stopped by King Soopers to stock up on more berries (great sale going on till Tuesday), and then Jack-In-The-Box where I got a smoothie and they got food. The thought of food made me kinda sick to my stomach - I've been really hot lately. I ended the day with a little FF milk to help my vitamins go down.

Last night I explained to Hubby what I was doing - not stressing about dieting but still trying to make good choices IF it didn't cause stress. I told him about the candy bowl thing at the storage unit place. He's being supportive.

Now today... argh! I've been up since 6:30-ish and been sipping a protein drink. Hubby has already left to get the 17' truck from u-haul because we have 2 temps coming by to help us move boxes and stuff into the storage units. Tween is already out mowing (push mower) the front lawn. I came back into put on socks (lots of gnats), then will be going back to move gardening things to the front yard to be loaded onto the truck later. When that's done, I need to get back to sorting the books so that they boxes can be moved to the storage unit too. If I get time, I'll also do some kitchen things. If not, I'm not gonna stress. We still have time before we put the house on the market on the 26th. Twenty days away. And nights. No, I need my nights. Just days.


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