Not Stressing, But Not Pigging Out Either

Okay, so I'm out running errands this morning. Needed to grocery shop because Tween was out of organic fruit. I picked up two bags of org pears, two bags of org apples, and 8 clamshells of organic blueberries (2 for $5 at King Soopers). I also pick up some cleaning supplies to see if I can remove evidence of the dogs, and to get some marks off of walls. I also got some gluten-free pizza and gf mac-n-cheese for him. I got some bratwurst for Hubby, some rolls for me to have a sandwich later, some milk for both of us (org FF for him, regular FF for me), a couple of pastries for me, and lots of protein shakes for me because I tend to not eat when I get busy, or hot.

Then we went to the storage unit place where it took about 30 minutes to rent another unit (we're moving our boxes and decluttering our house on Saturday). While I was standing there while this woman kept messing it up, I noticed a big bowl of candy on the counter. Besides the butterscotch and peppermint, they had my favorite: those little strawberry red and green candies (see the pic above). I started to reach for it, and stopped myself. I didn't really want it. I had just had a protein shake in the car. And the thought of something sweet on top of it didn't sit well with me.

So I stopped myself. Without stressing. Without thinking about being healthy. I just didn't grab it, not even to hold or to smell.

Yes, I have the pastries, but considering I hadn't eaten before I went shopping, I think I did pretty well. Especially since I've officially put my diet on hold for a while. Well, actually, just the not stressing about dieting part. I'll still try to make pretty healthy choices, as long as I can do it quick and without worry or guilt.

So... not bad actually.

I think I'll go have another protein shake before I start packing up some books. Have a great day, people!

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Shelley said...

Yay Vee for not doing the automatic candy dish dip!!!!!