Weekend Warrior

Afraid of getting on the scale this morning so I just won't. I warred with my eating all weekend. We were busy, but still, when taking the time to eat, I didn't always make good choices. It's hard.

Breakfast on Sunday was chocolate chip pancakes - because I promised Tween I'd make him gluten-free french toast, and well, while I was there... what the hell? I smothered my 2... ok, 4... with butter and honey (no syrup in our house any more). I don't even remember eating lunch, but I'm sure I must have, right? Wait, actually, I think I didn't. I was making Hubby's breakfasts and lunches for the coming week. Anyway... for dinner, when Hubby was leaving again for the week, we went to Jack-In-The-Box, one of the few places Tween can get gluten-free grilled chicken, and I had a sourdough burger, curly fries and a rootbeer.

Today's another day. A new beginning. I'll eat an apple in a little bit. After I take my vitamins and allergy pills.

Gonna confest my chocolate chip pancake slip-up at http://www.cyber-confessions.blogspot.com/ in a minute. Anybody join me? Vee


Anonymous said...

Hello Vee! I was just posting on my blog about how tough weekends are. Just put it behind you and move forward. You're doing great! *HUGS*

Stephanie (http://wwstephanie.blogspot.com/)

VRaz60 said...

For what it's worth, weekends are my undoing, too. Just a little "cheat" here and a little "cheat" there, and before you know it I've screwed it all up.

Dutch said...

I had a really bad eating day today. My weekends have been ok so far but the next couple of weekends are family parties and I know I am probably going to struggle. I weigh in on Sundays so I try really hard to behave myself. Tomorrow is another day.

Cammy said...

Weekends are harder for me, too. Usually I manage them pretty well, but we had constant rain this past weekend, which somehow equated to nibblenibblenibble for me. :)

Ah well, as long as we keep trying, right?

foolsfitness said...

I would like to confess eating 2/3 a pizza tonight. At least it wasn't the whole thing right?

But eating pizza is just the foolsfitness way!-Alan

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Fools... I love pizza so I try to never even get near it. Cammy and VRaz... I usually nibble when Hubby's not here, and then when he's here on weekends, I don't eat in the mornings and he convinces me to eat out the rest of the time ... not good. Dutch... you can do it ... I guess it's a matter of healthy choices, right? Stephanie... thanks for the good words. It's a new day. Thanks, all. Vee