Friday Fun!

I started out the day with a $.29 vanilla yoplait yogurt (orange sticker price from King Soopers) and a big glass of instant decaf tea with stevia. Didn't feel like fruit this morning. Wanted to start digging in to chores.

Here it is, 10:30, and I've done a load of laundry, packed and moved things for about an hour, helped Tween with some schoolwork, walked the dogs, answered 3 e-mails, found my Hubby's missing pendant, and posted something for sale on Craigslist.

It's time for a break. I think I'll have an apple. Crunch!


VRaz60 said...

Whew! I'm gonna have to take a break from just reading all you've done. What a productive morning you've had. Enjoy your apple, you certainly deserve a treat. You've motivated me to get some stuff done, now. Thanks.

fatty McButter Pants said...

say hello to a goodbye! way to save on the yogurt! I'm having an apple too...crunch!