The Day's Almost Over Already?!?!

I feel like I just got up, and here I'm hollerin' at the Tween to get ready for bed. Where did the day go?

After I let the dogs out at 6 a.m., I yummed an apple, got the Tween up for schoolwork, did some chores, ate a greek yogurt, did some writing and schoolwork checking, ate a ready-made tuna salad kit, planted strawberries, watered them and the blueberry bushes, ate some banana pancakes (with honey), took the dogs to the vet, stopped by the health food store for more gluten-free pasta and bread, fixed dinner for dogs and Tween, cleaned up after the chihuahua who decided to let go of EVERYTHING on my kitchen floor, drank a protein shake, chewed a cough drop, started the dishwasher, put the dogs to bed, and now I've moved back up to the bedroom to get a few hours of writing done before I go to sleep.

Whew! I'm tired. I think I'll eat more fruit tomorrow, and maybe a salad and some carrots.

Meanwhile, maybe I should skip the writing tonight and just go to bed. Vee


Patty said...

Hi Vee, I read your comment on cammy's blog about the KFC, and just wanted to say way to go on doing your research!! Hope you have a good sleep tonight. :-)

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Thanks, Patty! Aw geez, it's almost 9 p.m.! Poo! Vee