Ideas for Protein Needed

I've been struggling with protein lately... for my Tween Son.

He doesn't like beef or lamb at all. Chicken and turkey are ok, but he doesn't want them all of the time. He likes eggs when smothered in cheese (but I'm trying to get cheese out of the house). He likes bacon (which I might do every other week or so). He likes gluten-free fish (Ian's) but he smothers it with ketchup.

He'll tolerate a can of baked beans a couple of times a week. I'm working to keep him away from all processed foods because of the chemicals but he doesn't like my homemade bean concoctions! I often combine rice (with honey and butter, of course) with the beans for a complete protein.

Anyway, this protein thing is a real problem. He suddenly can't have his favorite nuts/seeds: cashews, peanuts, soybeans, almonds, etc. And, as you know, he also can't have gluten. He does love butter-bread (gluten-free brown rice or tapioca bread), and his favorite way to eat it is with lots of garlic powder and, of course, cheese.

I bought some pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds today, and am fervently praying that they won't produce a reaction in him. He'll also eat my flaxseed/rice flour brownie thingies.

I'd love any suggestions people have. Please comment. Thanks... Vee


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Vee, I understand the problem, he's not alone. Most people don't get enough protein. My diet is partly with Herbalife and I also sell the products. We have a Personalized Protein Powder that you can add to anything you cook. For example: I have added it to pancake mix, brownies, Rice Krispies etc.
Besides Herbalife because of the gluten problem I am not sure.

Emmett said...

Check out this link-

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Emmett, aka Herbalife Las Vegas

Miz said...

I LOOOVE all things Morning Starfarms.

have you seen their stuff? I get it in bulk at costco too so the price isnt too bad.

everything from corndogs to sausage patties ...all faux meat!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wish I had some good suggestions, but I struggle with getting a variety of different protein sources too! Can he eat/does he like shrimp? For some reason I've been doing more of that lately, 'cause it's easy to keep some in the freezer to throw in things like stirfry.

But shellfish is one of those things only some people can tolerate and many don't like.

Hope you find some good solutions!

VeeGettingHealthy said...

See my posting... thanks! Vee