Unbelievable Results

We absolutely needed to go 100% organic, with no processed foods, etc. I'm still having withdrawals, a little lessening, thank goodness, but Tween is a different child. He was so loving and sweet and thoughtful today, it's almost like he was as a toddler.

That bean plan got old real fast, so I scoured the health food store and came up with alternatives. I found some raw goat milk cheddar cheese, some organic vanilla ice cream, some organic butter, some organic eggs from local amish farms. We had eggs for lunch, with fruit. Then for dinner, I fixed gluten-free rice pasta with the cheese (which he loved) and butter, had raw broccoli and carrots (both organic) and the ice cream for dessert (heaven - first real dessert since Sunday). I also found some frozen organic fruit so we plan to make smoothies tomorrow.

But... I'm just amazed at his transformation. I started seeing it Tuesday... just a little bit. More yesterday, and today... wow!

Note: a stray poodle puppy followed Tween home this afternoon, and despite an ad on Craigslist and a long walk with me, Tween, our chihuahua, our horse-puppy and the poodle puppy, we didn't find the owners. Looks like the poor thing had been walking for a while. Is sound asleep about 4 feet away from me right now... actually, all three of the dogs are. But I mentioned this because I actually walked that block-walk and didn't huff and puff the whole way.

I mean, I'm still having the withdrawals and migraines, but now I am starting to feel a bit more energetic. I think some of the toxins are leaving my body because boy howdy am I stinky!

Oh that note... good night everyone! Vee


moonduster said...

We noticed a difference in one of our daughters just by cutting sugar out of her diet. She stopped whining and moaning as much and had far less tantrums.

Cammy said...

Good luck with your new plan...and finding the puppy's owners. They must be frantic.

VRaz60 said...

Very cool, how the change in diet has made such a big change in Tween. I think that is really great. How nice it must be for both of you, too. Any chance you're going to end up keeping the "new" puppy? Sounds like he/she gets along with the other two. :)

Here's to continued success with the new regime. Cheers! Enjoy that ice cream.

Fat[free]Me said...

So glad you have found new things to add to the diet - it will make it a lot easier.

Soon those toxins will be gone and then you will feel fabulous!

Hope the wee pup finds its owners, if not, then maybe he has found new ones in you.

Shelley said...

Glad you are seeing such a change! It's a lot of hard work, doing it the way you are, so it must be gratifying to see such good results!