I'm such a baby!

I didn't sleep much last night so I lay in bed, it was around midnight, and I realized that I owe the blog world a big apology. Sorry!

I over-reacted yesterday to the mess, and I did it with food. I realize that I hadn't actually give it any thought ... as to alternatives to food for dealing with problems. So... as I lay there, I came up with other ways to get away from the situation until I'm calmed down:
  • take a walk around the block
  • ride the exercycle
  • get in car and just drive
  • take a nap
  • meditate
  • listen to music with headset on and volume up loud
  • take a bubble bath or long shower
  • blog with a huge rant
  • garden
  • watch a movie

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can remember now that its morning.

I woke up this morning after finally getting about 3 hours sleep, only to find my cough (NOT the swine flu!) had mutated to include stuffed up ears (I practically can't hear anything) and a sore throat. Dr. appointment at 3:50 this afternoon. I don't feel like eating but drank a protein shake. Will probably make some hot tea too.


fatty McButter Pants said...

Dang it...well feel better!

You listed lots of good alternatives to eating. Good for you.


TJ said...

I love your list of go to things BESIDES eating! Your learning Vee!!!! :) Keep it up!!


VRaz60 said...

Good for you. Having alternatives to anger eating is a great idea. One we could all use. Great job.

Cammy said...

Ah, my sister in baby-ness. I'm a big ol' baby, too, sometimes! :)

Good for YOU for figuring out an action plan (other than pizza and cannoli) to get through the tough times!!

Lori said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well!

Great alternatives list.

apoorva said...

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Deborah said...

Hope the doctor's appointment went well and he gave you something to make you feel better.

Thanks for sicking by me on my absence, you're what is referred to as a real blog-friend. I think I'm back. Problems still not worked out but I've missed my mornings with my blog-buds and that may be why things haven't gone so well in the eating portion of my life. No accountability.

Patty said...

I love how you are pulling yourself up by the seat of your own pants! Get well, and be kind your yourself!

Anonymous said...
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