Doctor Results, and Reaction to Stressers

I had a perfect opportunity to put my new choice reaction to stress into action yesterday. When I called yesterday morning to make the doctor appointment, I was told I could see a nurse practitioner at 10:15 or a doctor at 3:50. I chose the doctor because every time I see a nurse practitioner (NP), I'm told just a take a zyrtec-d and I'll be fine. I wanted more. No offense to nurses out there, but I wanted a medical degree behind the diagnosis.

Yesterday was miserable, with throat really hurting so I only drank protein drinks most of the day. I make myself take a shower, and stumble over to Kaiser, check in, get the mask (because I'm coughing), and get to where that doc is. Only I look at my check-in sheet where it shows I'm scheduled with an NP?! I stand at the desk, and tell the receptionist I should be with a doctor. She said, sorry, you're scheduled with an NP. I explain very calmly, with shaking hands, that I scheduled to be with a doctor, and if I wanted to see an NP, I would have come in at 10:15 that morning! She said there's no other doctor appointment available - that I could come in the next.

I was furious, but held it in. Gritting my teeth, I quietly said, "May I speak to a manager, please?". Sure. Hold on. Two minutes later, a nice young man who was a nurse supervisor, came out, listened to me, and made sure I was put with a physician.

Diagnosis: aggrevated sinusitis, bacterial infection, ear infection, and resulting cough and sore throat. I was put in antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine.

When I came home, I was still pretty ticked at the scheduler, but I ate a reasonable meal, and didn't attack every piece of chocolate in the house.

The night proved to be another test of my new resolve. The puppy kept me (and Tween) awake all night. So much for hoping the cough syrup and a sleeping pill would put me to sleep. In addition, my neighbor had to start his leaf blower at 7:40 (because he's too lazy to sweep) and ignored my request (in slippers and tossed-on-clothes) to wait until later. So, did I attack the chocolate in the house? No, desparately needing a nap but unable to take one, I attacked the weeds in the front tiered-garden and did some trimming. With scissors. And my carpal tunnel. But most of the weeds are gone!

I finally laid down at 2:15 to take a nap, and Hubby woke me up at 2:39 to tell me he was on the way home. Even tho I'd texted him not to call - just to come home. So now that I've vented this part with blogging, I'm going to nap until he comes home. We have a lot to do this weekend, so everyone ... ... enjoy yours! Vee


Jayne said...

Your day made me stressful just reading it. Sorry, that's not helpful I know, but good for you for finding constructive outlets.

Fat[free]Me said...

Urgh, what a day! Glad you got some meds and I hope you feel better soon.

(I so would have eaten everything in sight in frustration)

Deborah said...

You are super woman for making it through a stressful day like that without diving head first into a chocolate bath. You're my hero!!