If Man Made It, We Ain't Eating It.

This is it. The final it.

Tween had some major meltdowns this weekend, so the list of foods that give him adverse reactions has grown and is making me practically tear my hair out. Plus my sinus and ear infection are getting worse. Then I did some major in-depth reading this weekend, and made a decision. I'm putting HIM and ME on practically the same diet: "If man made it, we ain't eating it." Plus, we're not going to eat things high on the list of toxic, like grapes that aren't easily washed. And nothing that has been processed, canned, packaged, etc. Some things are ok (like olive oil, plain grains, SOME dehydrated foods, etc.)

Note: Did you know ... I read that there are over 15,000 additives, preservatives, and chemicals that are NOT required to be put on food labels? And that even organic foods are allowed to be grown with certain chemicals to prevent pests and diseases, and often-times, these chemicals can't be easily washed off - being so much a part of the actual food. What if those chemicals are what's causing not only my Tween's meltdowns, but also my addictive nature?

Plan: So... we'll be eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, flax, sesame), whole gluten-free grains (millet, amaranth, quinoa, brown rice), and beans. A LOT of raw foods. Honey. Herbs (hidden - he hates green specks). Dried fruit and veggies (all sulphur-free). All gluten-free. Any cooking will be done by me. No microwave tho, and no meat.

We started out this morning with an apple each. Then set the timer for 30 minutes, and ate some millet I'd cooked from scratched, with grated cinnamon and honey.

We'll have dried fruit (blueberry, blackberry, mango), a pear or banana, some pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, and maybe I'll fry (in olive oil) a grated potato.

I already have black turtle beans in the crockpot with some garlic and filtered water... so we'll eat those, brown rice with honey, raw carrots and probably peeled zucchini.

I'm getting some plain "organic" cocoa powder and will make our own special bars made from flax seeds, cooked brown rice, honey, and the cocoa. I might be able to hide dehydrated spinach in there too!

We'll drink filtered or distilled water. I'll alternate the breakfast grain between millet, quinoa, and amaranth. I'll alternate the type of beans for dinner and how they are cooked. Next store trip, I'll get some oranges and peel/juice them (Tween won't eat any citrus unless it's pulp-free juice or canned mandarin oranges).

Note: Hubby and I planted the garden this weekend, but a neighbor snuck in and destroyed it. Don't get me started! I'll be replanting it so that we can grow our own healthy chemical-free spinach, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, zucchini, etc. Tween LOVED the purple carrots we grew last year, and couldn't grow enough orange carrots for him. He doesn't like tomatoes, okra or eggplant but I could dehydrate our chemical-free homegrown harvest to crush into a powder and add to the beans!

I know this sounds kinda drastic of a change, especially for me, but if it helps my son fight to be a better person, it will be worth it. And it's not fair for me to put him on this "diet" and not do it myself. Is it?

Weigh in: no change: 274.


VRaz60 said...

Good luck to you all. Sounds very healthy. I cannot imagine a neighbor that would destroy someone's garden. What a joy they must be to live by.

Shelley said...

Healthy...but are you getting enough protein?

Sorry about your garden...what kind of person would do something like that?!?

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Protein: Yes, between the seeds, the beans, and the grains (quinoa, millet and amaranth are high in protein - for a grain), we'll be ok. I might supplement with an organic egg or two from a lady Hubby works with.

As to the neighbor... I suspect Val, a short man with a huge complex who uses a leaf blower at 7 a.m. because he's too lazy to sleep. He's also reported us to the code compliance people for not watering our lawn often enough or not moving our cars often enough. Anyway, I complained to him Friday about the leaf blower. Now I suspect he's retaliating. Big jerk (pun intended).


Marjie said...

Love the title of your post. Words to live by for sure.

Fat[free]Me said...

What a wonderful mom you are! I love the sound of your new diet and I love that you are supporting your son this way. You both will benefit hugely.

Well done and good luck!

PS: hugs about your garden :(