Better Monday Than In Weeks

We started the day with an apple each, then 1 serving each of cooked millet with a dash of cinnamon and about a tablespoon of Colorado honey. I put the black turtle beans that I'd soaked overnight into the crockpot with a little garlic and a bay leaf (for dinner).

That held us until we had juice after we went to the health food store for more gluten-free grains and different beans.

By lunch time we felt almost starving (so we need protein during our mid-morning snack) so for lunch we ate a pear, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit.

A mid-afternoon snack was another apple.

Dinner was black turtle beans with garlic, triple portion of rice (Tween - I had a double portion), raw carrots, and we split an organic zucchini.

He was still exhibiting behavior problems in the morning, but by night-time he was already showing a little more control over himself. He didn't like the beans, though he ate them. Since I have a different bean/lentil/pea planned for each of the 7 nights of the week, I'm going to have to get creative. I'm already soaking white beans for tonight but won't use the crockpot. Think I'll cook them then add a sauce made with tomatoes I dehydrated last summer, apple cider vinegar, onion, and honey or molasses. We'll see.

Meanwhile, we've eaten our morning apple, and are waiting for the quinoa to finish cooking.

And to everyone... thanks for the support. This is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. Especially since I'm doing it too, in support of Tween. Hopefully, tho, I'll get healthy from it too.

I think I have it all planned out, and will post it as soon as I type it out.

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Fat[free]Me said...

Of course you have a bit of learning to do with it, but I am sure you will enjoy it once you find your way around the new regime.

I think it sounds very healthy.