Good Start, Bad End

I started out my day, as usual, with an apple. An hour later, I had a vanilla protein drink. Tween had a vanilla goat yogurt (from which he gets protein and calcium).

Then my chihuahua messed all over the house and in my complete and utter anger and frustration, I forgot to eat until everything was cleaned up, Hubby and Tween was cussed out, chihuahua relegated to her kennel-crate until I find a new home for her, THEN I ate, and it wasn't pretty... pizza, cannoli, garlic bread. Argh.

Now I'm drinking tea, calming down and sucking on a cough drop. Obviously, I need to find a better way to deal with certain situations!

p.s. Anyone in the denver colorado area want a very jealous 8-pound chihuahua?


Carly said...

Hang in there! That is so frustrating about the dog. I had a sick laborador and would have to clean up messes like that all the time. Not fun.

Patty said...

My mother has a chihuahua, and I love it, but boy, is he a handful! Their little stomachs are so sensitive. Did the guys get an earful because of what they were feeding the little dog?

VRaz60 said...

Sorry about the dog accident. I know it can be frustrating to clean all that up. And, even tho' your food choices might not have been great, they sure sounded delicious. :)

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Patty: Nobody fed the chihuahua anything she wasn't supposed to have, and Hubby doesn't live here during the week (sign of the times) :( She's just jealous of the puppy and is acting out. Vee