Tween's Probable Allergies, and Weigh-In

We had a pretty good weekend... Hubby being home and all. Fantastic parts of it. I made a big pot of beans and a meatloaf. We had a little wine Saturday night. Tween acted up a few times, and that last time yesterday afternoon was unprecedented. Here's what happened:

Hubby had to finish getting his supplements ready for the next week, and a couple other things before he could leave. I still had to finish preparing his lunches and breakfasts for next week. We were going to watch "Bolt" (from Netflix) as we did them. Tween had some cashews for a snack as he waited, and within 10-15 minutes, Evil Five-Year-Old came out. Tantrum about the remote control and whatever else he could rave about. Then I noticed he started chewing his tongue. He only did that when I had him put on ADHD meds about 5 years ago (stopped them almost immediately).

It clicked. He has a problem with nuts. He doesn't go into anaphalactic (sp?) shock or get a rash but his behavior gets completely unacceptable and incomprehensible. Like with gluten. So.. until further notice, he eats NO processed foods, NO nuts, NO soybeans or soy milk, NO corn (because he recently demonstrated a change in behavior right after eating corn), and, of course, no gluten (wheat, rye, oat, barley).

Hubby and Tween made up pretty quickly after that. We got a glass of orange juice in him plus 2 big cups of water, 3 pieces of gluten-free bread, and 2 "messy" eggs. I made him drink lots of water the rest of the day, even after Hubby left again for the week.

As for today... he just ate his last goat yogurt and is eating an apple now. When he's done, we'll be on our way to stock up on vanilla goat yogurt, fresh fruit for both of us, and gluten-free/corn-free/soy-free bread. Plus some real spreadable butter for him - no soy substitute.

BTW: I weighed this morning... 274 - up one pound. Probably from the stress-eating I did last night. Pancakes. Nope. NO EXCUSES!!! Vee

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