Loose skin coming!

I just read a posting on a blog I follow ... about the loose skin she has from when she lost her excess weight. I didn't hit me until I read that posting.

I've been over 200 pounds for most of 20 years. I've been over 250 pounds for 10 years, and close to 300 pounds for 2 years.

Now that I've started losing weight (yes, only a few pounds, but I'm doing a life change, not a drastic diet), I will probably have the loose skin too. But maybe ...

-maybe my belly button will finally be back in the center again!
-maybe I'll have energy to keep up with Tween, dogs and gardening
-maybe my knees won't buckle when I try to walk up and down our stairs
-maybe people won't look in my grocery cart to see what I eat that makes me so fat
-maybe I won't have to take blood pressure medicine anymore

And yep, maybe my boobs will go from a triple D back to B's, and maybe I'll have loose skin from my quadruple chins down to my ankles, and maybe my hubby will get grossed out. But if he loses interest in me, then he didn't have that complete real-life love for me anyway, right?

But I'll be healthy.


Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

"Maybe" nothin, sunshine. You WILL have all those things! Thanks for always being such a positive presence on my blog. You rock, chica :)

Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

Oh, and I meant to say that sometimes I'm able to see my loose skin as a badge of honor. I don't always wear it "proudly," but I'm getting better at viewing it more positively.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I ditto Lynn! I am 1/2 embarressed by my loose skin. The worst is when you are doing push ups or something and it's just hanging there. It's actually very weird, I did a post about it back in January. The loose skin is why I decided to hire a trainer for 6 months, it is cheaper then the surgery. And I figured I would rather fill the loose skin with muscle then just cut it off. Also, the loose skin is why I'm so hesitant to sleeveless tops. I'm a small but am still very self-concious about it.

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