Hectic Thursday

Did you see the list of stuff I had to do yesterday? HUGE! Well, good news. I got most of it done. I did all of the laundry. I cleaned the dining room and kitchen. I organized the seeds and plotted out the garden's raised beds (1 backyard and 3 in the front). I cleaned and organized the fruit - only had to through out the nectarines but they weren't exactly the best quality anyway (Sam's). Helped the Tween with schoolwork, although he didn't need much help. It's more of an attitude and behavior problem we're dealing with. Worked with puppy - stay and come... needs a LOT more work!

Among that... I had a pear, a banana, some V8-V-Fusion juice cut with grape juice and water, and an apple. Mid lunch time, I fried some bacon and yup, had some too. Then fried a couple of eggs. Then did some for Tween, moved the pan off the burner where he proceeded to place his favorite plastic plate.

Melted, burned, created a horrible smelly smoke, and ruined the burned (I think). I didn't yell, though. I remember doing something similar when I was a kid - except it was a cold glass baking dish on a hot burner which prompted it to shatter into a million pieces for which I got a whooping. So, no, I didn't punish.

I ate a couple pieces of chocolate last night, but I don't regret it and don't excuse it. I love chocolate.

However, I did forget to eat dinner last night. Go so busy with stuff! But I won't tonight. Hubby should be here by 4 or 5. After he unpacks his car (laundry, a week's worth of lunch containers), we'll go eat at Village Inn. And then, well, you're adults. The kid's going to bed early!

BTW, chances are I won't get on the computer over the weekend. So have a great one! I'll connect back up with you on Monday. Vee


Dutch said...

I bought a bag of nectarines from Sam's and they were terrible. I wish I would have kept my receipt. I tried 3 of them and they were all nasty. I hope you have a great night out with hubby and a wonderful weekend.

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Thanks Dutch. I plan to... he has NO idea what's in store! he he he Vee