Not too bad on Wednesday

I didn't do too bad yesterday, but I slipped a couple of times. No excuses. I saw some jelly beans, bought them, and ate a few. I ordered my kid a grilled chicken patty at Sonic, and got myself a chicken finger sandwich with lettuce. Not a bad choice if I wasn't gluten-free, but I am, but still, no excuses. I just did it. I didn't take a sleeping pill again last night, woke up around 1, finally went back to sleep around 2:30 and whining puppy woke me up at 6:10. Not bad!

So.... so far this morning, I'm working on an apple. Then I'm gonna have a pear or another apple or maybe a cutie orange. Then in an hour or two after that, I'll have some scrambled eggs.

I gotta tell you... this "no excuse" thing is pretty much liberating! It MAKES me WANT to be healthier.

As a side note.. only one more night alone till Hubby comes home! We'll go out to eat Friday, probably Village Inn where I can get a salad. Still... more excited about Hubby than the food.

Wow, that's a first!

Today's to-do-list: about 4 loads of laundry (that's 6 trips up and down 3 flights of stairs). Need to clean and organize all of that fruit I bought 2 weekends ago - some is starting to get a little funky (yup, I think I bought too much!). Need to work more with puppy on training (we worked on stay and come last night just a bit - needs a LOT more work!). Gotta write 3 or 4 articles for various blogs (I'm a tad behind in 2 blogs). Gotta figure out the raised beds and what to plant where, then go out and mark off the beds with pink yarn and nails (I kinda do square foot gardening). Gotta go through seeds and make sure I have enough - we're doing lots of carrots this year because we love them fresh out of the ground and washed from the outdoor faucet. Gotta start seeds for eggplant, okra, 3 more tomatoes, 3 peppers, etc. Gotta help kid with schoolwork - he just doesn't get math, and the more he works, it seems, the more he forgets. At 12 years old, he still can't subtract without working with the fingers! Gonna wash my waist-length hair and put in curlers for Hubby tomorrow.... so can look puurrrty! Gee, that's a big list!


Dutch said...

My daughter loves Sonic and they built one about an hour away from us. We only got to go to Sonic when I went to visit my sister in Tennessee. I am so happy to hear that your hubby is coming home. Have a terrific Thursday.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, that's a big list, makes me tired just reading it!

And I like your "no excuses" thing. Sometimes I am ALL about excuses.