Terrific Tuesday

Before that revelation yesterday, I had already eaten another piece of cake and had a little chocolate. But after that... it took me about 4 hours to eat the half-rack of ribs I'd gotten the day before. Interesting, that I only wanted one rib at a time. And I ate a pear, an apple, and drank weak decaf "green" blueberry tea all day.

I still miss hubby (we talked 5 or 6 times yesterday). House and bed feels empty.

...but ssssh, don't tell him..... after all of the "processing" I did yesterday, I actually slept last night WITHOUT sleeping pills! That hasn't happened in about 9 months. I woke up at 5:10 but still, that's excellent for me, considering all of the sleep disorders that I have.

Here it is, 7:49 and I haven't eaten yet. I think I'll go have a banana.

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