An Attitude Change

After I wrote that last post, I started my daily reading of blogs I follow. I got to the Anti-Jared and read his posting from yesterday.

What a wake-up call. Here's the comment I left him:

I admit it. I'm one of those who make excuses.. like my blog posting this morning that describes my binge after my hubby left yesterday. I got a little ticked at your post but read the whole thing. I realize you're right. Consistency is the key. Life change. Being able to work through problems without resorting to food. Thanks for the posting.

So what if my Hubby has to live with his Mother 5 days out of 7? We're NOT separated. We get to be together on weekends. Maybe this will be good for our marriage.

Your help is needed. If I get whiney and talk about bingest or the possibility of... STOP ME! Remind me that it's consistency and working through problems without binging or stepping off my path... THAT will get me through anything. Okay? Thanks. Vee

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Lori said...

As long as you learn something from every binge slip up, or even victory. This is a lifelong process that you are embarking on. Perfection is almost unattainable, but *practice* never ends :)