Stress Factor of Hubby Leaving

I did great yesterday - eating healthy. Until Hubby left.

See, we're still kinda newlyweds - we celebrate 2 years on April 13. But because Hubby's office moved about an hour away, close to his mother's house, he'll be living there during the week. We knew this was coming for a few months, but last night he packed up his car and left until Friday. It's the first time we've spent the night apart since before we got married.

I didn't handle it very well. I fell back into old habits. He's barely cleared the street before I sent the Tween to his room. I then pigged out on everything I could find. Cake. Pizza. Garlic bread. Ice cream. Soda. I was miserable by the time I got to bed, and couldn't get to sleep until some sleeping pills kicked in. Still didn't sleep well.

At about 7:00 this morning, the puppy started whining to go out so I woke up and took care of the canines. By the time I got them back in and eating breakfast, I thought about how badly I handled yesterday. Yes, I missed my husband incredibly but he'll be back on Friday evenings and we'll have him thru Sunday afternoons. Until we sell the house in June. July. Whenever. It's not like we're separated - because we're not. We just live in different places during the week.

So this morning, I got back on my plan. At 8:00 I ate a banana and cutie orange for breakfast. Then an hour later, I had 2 beef ribs (gf) for protein. And I'm drinking decaf blueberry "green" tea. I'm full and raring to work (I didn't get much done yesterday-big surprise).

Bare with me as I work through this. I may slip again.


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Last night sounds like it was rough for you - do you wanna know the best part about it though? The self-reflection!

Good for you for being able to sit back this morning and understand why it is you went overboard. Lesson learned. Maybe a lesson to be learned a couple more times, but it's okay! One day at a time!

You have learned so many healthy habits, it's bound to happen, to relapse every once in a while. The biggest thing you can do is stand back up and start again!

Salted with Shadows said...

Congrats on your upcoming anniversary...Mr. Salted and I celebrate 2 years on the 14th, so I had to comment! :o) I just started following your blog and really appreciate you sharing your struggles.