The Puppy and the Pear

The horse-puppy woke me up first at 5:28, which I ignored, and again at 6:59. Stumbled out of bed, let the canines out, and started working. I wanted and desparately needed to repot some tomato plants I'd started on March 6 so I did that AND started seeds for some other plants, like eggplant, okra and squash.

THEN, after the Tween came downstairs (not voluntarily - I had to holler 6 or 7 times), he reminded me to eat, so I ate a sweet juicy ripe pear. Yum. Now, as I write this, I'm thinking ... will I grab another, or should I have some more berries from yesterday, or an apple or ??? We have a lot of fruit to choose from.

Oh, the conundrum!

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VRaz60 said...

Saw your name is Vee and couldn't resist commenting on your blog. My nickname is also VEE, so besides our name, it appears we are also attempting to whoop ourselves into a happier, healthier Vee. Good luck to you. I'll keep checking in and chatting.