Great Day on Monday

Got sooo much done, and practically forgot to eat! Ate that pear first thing, then later I had some berries and cantaloupe. For lunch I create a recipe (more about that later) and munched on that all day. When dinner time came around, Tween reminded me to eat, so I grabbed a yogurt and tea.

Recipe? This past weekend, Hubby and I were watching some program and on it was the guy ... he invented some cookie with lots of amino acids that he claims helps people lose weight. 3 cookies for $2.40 - meal replacement. Not in my price range. So, I thought I'd make up my own amino acid treats - something to help with hunger.

I got out the flax seed meal (very high in amino acids) and puffed rice cereal, and created a delicious almost-brownie-like goodie. (Ingredients include: flax seed meal, puffed rice cereal, eggs, honey, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate chips). I ate several throughout the day, and had Tween have some too. Of course, I'm under no illusion that they are going to make me lose weight but they did help tide me over to the next meal.

Now it's time to go grab my morning fruit-meal. Have a great day, everyone!


VRaz60 said...

How very creative. Not to mention thrifty. I love to do stuff like that. Givess one feel a real sense of accomplishment, doesn't it? Good for you. Maybe you should get an infomercial now!! Sounds as if you have a good product. :)

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Thanks, V! That was so nice of you to say!