More Chocolate Brownie-Type Bars

Tween and I ate more of those brownie-thingies today - I had 2 and I gave Tween 3. That leaves 4 for tomorrow - two for each of us. I plan to experiment more with the recipe tomorrow and maybe make some with banana. Or dried fruit. I don't know... I sure liked the chocolate-chocolate chip!

Finished up yesterday with some greek yogurt and tea. This morning I ate a pear, some berries. For a mid-morning snack I had my two brownie cookies. Then 3 hours later I made a steak for lunch, with fried mushrooms in a gluten-free pan gravy. Very yummy.

All in all, I did very well yesterday, and today. Well, until about an hour ago when I got in the mood for creamed eggs. That's ok. I plan to eat some carrots if I get hungry but it's already almost 5 p.m.

I would love some red wine but can't remember what I did with it. Smart, huh?


VRaz60 said...

Hiding the good stuff, huh? Maybe I should try that. Sounds as tho' your cookie treats were a huge hit!! Nice to get a sweet something that is actually good for you, isn't it? Yipppppeeeeee!!!

Fat[free]Me said...

Those cookies sound so good and I hope you find the wine soon - or maybe not!