Weight Gain

Can constantly eating cough drops and sucrets really add weight? I didn't completely blow my eating last week, except...

I did break 2 new habits yesterday: went to Wendy's and got a bacon cheeseburger and fish sandwich - totally wasn't worth (1) going out and (2) going back to gluten - I'm so stuffed up with this sinus thing, virus and ear infection that I couldn't taste a thing.

Gluten bloats me.
Gluten messes my stomach up.
Gluten makes me in a bad mood.
Gluten makes me break out in a rash.
Gluten binds me up.

Gotta get back into the no gluten-thing.

There's a roast in the crockpot, with rice and mushrooms, for Hubby's dinner tonight. I think I'll add some carrots. For me... I'm pushing fluids today. No clue what I'll eat. I do know that I'll drink lots of tea and stay away from the cough drops and sucrets. Maybe an apple and a pear. Maybe the extra fiber will flush out the gluten - of course, it will set off my IBS so... cramps versus weight gain - hmmm... choice?

I'm really upset that the scale went the wrong way this morning. And I'm sorry to disappoint you guys who have given me so much support.

Sorry... ... Vee

Hormone Note: My period came, lasted 2 weeks, and stopped as of this morning (without the aid of drugs!). Guess the gluten-free thing did really help my hormones. Now if I can just stick with the gluten-free lifestyle and get back to the weight loss.... then I might actually have a chance to get pregnant! (even tho I'm ... OLD!)


Jill said...

You need some good news this morning: did you know that you were ranomly chosen to win the Stress Eater Diet book from my blog? Well, you were! If you want the book, email me your postal address and I'll send you the book. If you don't want the book, let me know and I'll pass it along to someone else.

Don't beat yourself up about the scale - it's a process. And no one is going to be disappointed that you're human!! The best thing you can do is learn from it and move on.

Hang in there!

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Heck yea, I'll take it. Thank you so much -- under a lot of stress these days! I do read your blog but must have missed that entry.

Daggone that was almost a week go! I'm sad and sorry - and now that's over! Yippee!

Just sent that e-mail. Duh - address right there!

And yes, I learned from my mistake (the cheeseburer and fish sandwiches were not worth the results my body produced). Thanks. Vee

Cammy said...

For me, it wouldn't be the gluten, it would be having the fish sandwich AND the cheeseburger in the same meal. Or day. Or week. :) (I only get one "white starch" pass a week.)

Hang in there!