Doc Visit, Vruit, and Larabar Gluten-Free Bars

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Hubby was worse even tho he'd started a new course of antibiotics on Wednesday. I'd had an ear-ache for 3 days, as well as Tween. Was too intensely painful, and since Hubby had been exposed to Strep within the last week or two, we had to get it checked out. We went, angrily, to Kaiser. Angry because the twit nurse who saw Hubby on Wednesday didn't bother to get a strep culture, and now that he's been on antibiotics, it would show a negative anyway.

Turns out Hubby's sinus infection had gotten worse, with an additional ear infection and virus. I still have my sinus infection with an additional ear infection, sore throat and virus. Tween, who is so rarely sick that chicken pox lasted only 3 days, has an ear infection and virus.

We picked up our meds at the pharmacy, and headed out. Next stop, the health food store (Vitamin Cottage) for some drinks, gluten-free bread, yogurt (more on that in a moment) and gluten-free bars.

Found more kinds than I expected. We bought only the Larabar brand this time - many different flavors. Tween didn't like the cinnamon bar (great surprise here) or the chocolate orange. Will keep experimenting.

Did come home with yogurt: Tween loves the vanilla goat yogurt which is better for the body anyway (goat milk isn't nearly as bad as cow milk). Hubby and I discovered Greek Gods yogurt, honey specifically. Smooth as cream and richly decadent tasting without being too bad... not something to have three times a day!

We tried the Orange Vruit drink today, still trying to find a substitute for the Kagome fruit and veggie drink. Tween kinda liked it but Hubby and I didn't. We'll try the berry kind of Vruit tomorrow.

Anyway, we came home, took our meds, ate, took a nap (side effect: drowsiness), walked the dogs, ate again, and passed a nice little bit of evening until it was time to go upstairs. Shower, medicines, 4 dark chocolate hershey kisses, and time to blog. I believe it's time for bed - yes, at 8:18 p.m.!

Have a wonderful day! I hope to have time tomorrow to read blogs again.


TJ said...

I hope you and your family get well soon!

Cammy said...

Hope you all are on the mend and feeling better soon!