Sushi and Cake

I couldn't stop myself. Once I started eating lunch, I couldn't stop. I ate a whole container of California Rolls (carrots, crab, avocado) - that's about 12 slices - with soy sauce and wasabi. Then I grabbed a few baked veggie chips, then I got out a whole piece of gluten-free carrot cake out of the freezer and didn't wait for it to defrost before I ate it. Every bit. Was amazingly delicious - from Deby's.

The potatoes and eggs are cooked for potato salad. Unfortunately I'm out of mayo. And I was really really craving potato salad.

Now Hubby's on his way home and I have to think about dinner.

Well.... poo.


Carly said...

It must be that kind of day because I am a bottomless pit today too, I just can't stop. Now I am craving cake : )

Have a good weekend.

Lori said...

I hate days like that.
Just dust yourself off and get back on track!