Sometimes I forget to eat!

I went through most of yesterday before I realized I didn't eat. Worked on Tween's schoolwork - lots lots lots lots! Got it planned in detail, day by day, through the end of 2009 and in general through end of 2010. By then, we hope the Tween will be caught up. Except math - that's hard.

Finished editing a book that's now for sale on - how exciting! As for chores, I got a few done yesterday. Cleaned the kitchen (finally - all of the dishes are done - don't touch!). Wash a load of whites. Exercise: Took a block walk with the animals and family.

Hubby's still sick. Tween's got an ear-ache as do I. I need more sleep too. Uninterrupted.

Got off track...

But anyway, I kept forgetting to eat yesterday. So when Hubby came home from work yesterday (still feeling horrible), I threw together some sausage to cook in the oven, and then 4 chicken breasts. Tween's chicken got melted cheese and bacon - his new favorite way to eat chicken. Hubby ate his plain, with two pieces of sausage. I had two pieces of sausage on a corn tortilla with cheese and onion. And we all ate a raw salad: spinach, broccoli, snow peas and carrots. Within an hour or so, my gut was tearing up. I'm gonna have to stop eating raw veggies on such an empty stomach.

I had a bowl of gluten-free cereal this morning, with a cut-up banana and reconstituted powdered milk. I'm starting to get hungry (it's just a little after 11 a.m.) so I'm thinking I'll have some leftover california rolls and milk. Maybe a fresh pear.

Hmm... maybe I'll put on some potatoes to boil and make potato salad for tonight. With leftover pot roast for me and chicken for Tween and Hubby. Yum.

Drooling. Gotta wipe off the keyboard!

Enjoy your day!


Sharon said...

Powdered milk? I've never tried it before, do you just add water to it?

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Yes. We are "food storers" and have lots of powdered and dehydrated food stuffs. I rely on it when my stomach is flaring up with an ulcer, or when i am craving milk and don't feel like leaving my home to go buy some (if you'll recall, I'm somewhat agoraphobic). It is definitely a taste that takes getting used to, though. Thanks. Vee