Daily Progress Report - gee, that sounds boring!

I can't stand repetition. That's why I'm changing up this blog. That's why I can't do the same exercise day after day. That's why I can't stay on a diet when I can to count and calculate and measure and be consistent. And that's why I hate "regular" employment!

As to the comment yesterday about how I'm up early - yup! Hubby gets up at 4:44 a.m. to get ready for work. I get up with him, check the weather so he'll know what to wear, fix his lunch, let the dogs out, feed them, play with them, let them out again, and am usually back upstairs at 6:30 with howling puppy left downstairs and a fervent prayer to get just a few more minutes of sleep.

Anyways, after I went back to bed yesterday morning, I got back up around 7:00 when the puppy starting howling - so big whoop, an additional 45 minutes of sleep! Got about 3 hours worth of work on my next book (p.s. my first on Kindle sold 1 copy yesterday - yippee!) until Tween needed help with schoolwork. Then I realized I hadn't planned any more science or history assignments so once I started planning those, I couldn't stop. Was still planning Tween's schoolwork for the rest of the year (Jan-Dec with several vacations) when Hubby came home early from work feeling very sick - he even went to the doc and was told by the nurse (doc didn't have time to see him) that he just had another sinus infection, not the strep that's going around his office, and to take another course of antibiotics.

Geez, thanks Nursey.

Anyway, I was so busy with my writing/editing and Tween's schoolwork that I forgot to eat yesterday until around dinner time. When I was Sam's picking up necessaries, I also got some Sushi (ok, California rolls) - that doesn't count as eating out, does it? Also got some pears and potatoes. I'm craving potato salad so hopefully can get around to it in the next few days.

On the way home, I went to Sonic to get food for family. Total was less than $7.00. Asked if I could get the kid's wacky pack with a grilled chicken breast instead of chicken strips and was told yes! Yippee! So Tween had that with a banana, pear and milk, and lots of fries. Hubby drank the limeade and had most of the sushi. I had a milk from Sonic, some fries and some sushi. The California rolls had carrots, avocado (yum - I love!), some "crabmeat", rice (of course) and either sesame seeds or seaweed/nori. Wheat-free soy sauce and wasabi required.

All in all, didn't get much exercise yesterday, didn't eat much (did have some dark chocolate hershey kisses) but I also didn't pig out. See, I've been craving butter cake lately, and even have a box of it in the pantry. Working very hard to resist craving, even tho I can taste it's smooth richness right now.


Whew. Ok. I'm better.

It's already 7:13. Maybe I can go back to bed for 15 minutes before Tween gets up to start day.

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Congrats on your book selling!

Can you share the name of it? What's it about? I'm so excited for you!!

I feel like I know you in some bloggity-online friendship sorta way and your a famous author!