New Habit: Movement

I need to move more.... whether by walking the dogs or exercycle or walking in place or just shaking my legs when they are restless at night. But if I call it "exercise", I won't do it. Just won't happen. That'll make this a diet, that nasty 4-letter word. Just gonna add a little movement to my life.

So... in addition to past weeks' habit changes...
Week 1: replace all drinks to caffeine-free tea, 100% juice, milk or water
Week 2: continue to add to support system (like through this blog)
Week 2: reduce how many times we eat out or take in meals (1/wk)
Week 3: gluten-free
Week 4: take supplements daily

Here's the new habit / life change:
Week 6: move on purpose for 10 minutes a day
One little habit change at a time, right?


Carly said...

I agree. One little habit at a time. The little changes add up (at least that is what I tell myself).

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Thanks, Carly.