Support System

I was reading other "diet" blogs and one of my favorites ( had a posting about support. That she doesn't get much (really, any) except for online.

While Hubby has started supporting me more lately, Tween doesn't care what I look like - I'm beautiful. Hubby says the same thing. That helps my ego, but doesn't help my life change.

I blog to be accountable. To talk out my feelings. To hopefully connect with people who feel the same way I do about food - it's almost all I think and dream about.

If you didn't comment on my blog, I wouldn't feel like I was making any progress. So thank you for visiting and commenting. I really appreciate it!


Geosomin said...

HI :)
I think you are totally going about things the right way. The way to get healthier is to change the way you live, not obsess about calories or food.
Little steps tht stick add up to big success. Trust me. It took me a few years to change how I lived to lose ~45 pounds, and I've kept them off because I am different. I eat healthier and I
"m more active.
And I did it for me :)
The more you do the better you'll feel. You'll get hooked on life - it's a wonderful thing...and good for you about the gluten free.
My sister in law is larger and has had a lot of health problems due to her weight, but really started to turn her health around when she connected with the fact that she was borderline celiac. Cutting out gluten had made her feel 1000% times better. She has mroe energy and feels's given her the energy and empowerment to change other little things in life too.
It's all in the little things. Every day is a new day, and a doover. Do it for yourself, so you can feel better. You family loves you as you are - that is wonderful! They will encourage you as you go.
Don't give'll come a bit at a time.
You'll see :)

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Thanks, Geosomin. I needed to hear that about your sis-in-law - gluten intolerance is increasing, and grocery stores and diet food product makers aren't really keeping up.

Thanks again. I'm sticking, one baby step at a time. Vee

Jayne said...

I think you are doing great! I hope you don't mind, but I am going to steal your one new habit a week idea. I feel overwhelmed with how much I have to lose and I think your system is brilliant. I always look forward to your updates. God bless!:)

TJ said...

This is not an easy journey that we are on. I am doing it for me and ONLY me. I want to feel healthy. You have some medical issues that once more weight is off you will realize how much better you feel and all of this will be SO worth it!

When you are faced with temptations or fall off the wagon, jump right back on, you can do this , we all support you! Talk to your family about the support that you need. I know asking for it helped me.

Keep up the good work over there!!!

:) ((HUGS))

Lyn said...

It can get lonely sometimes, but I am so glad we all have each other!! Thanks for mentioning me. I'll come back and check on you again :)

Lori said...

Support can come from anywhere, be it local or on the internet! Take advantage of all the ways to get support and you can be successful!

cc said...
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