Wed Day 24's Meals and Exercise

Gotta leave in a few minutes for an MRI for my shoulder so this is written hurredly. After that, shower, fix take-along breakfast, and for the first time, leave puppy and chihuahua in their crates to leave house. Will be interesting.

Also....thanks for the ongoing comments. Will post pix of puppy hopefully this afternoon.

-a.m. supplements

-blueberry fruit juice
-handful cashews

-handful dark chocolate M&Ms

-4 tortillas with homemade taco meat, cheese and sour cream
-1/2 slice chocolate cake
-p.m. supplements

-whole "family" walked around the block

Goal Check:
-No sodas? Check
-Eat out/Order in Only Once Per Week: Check
-Gluten-Free? Check
-Supplements? Check

Notes: Internet down most of the day, so helped Tween with schoolwork and worked with puppy.

Ok... off I go to take a shower before MRI. Have a great day!


Deborah said...

Hope they find out what the problem is with the MRI.

Cammy said...

Hope everything's okay with the puppies, the internet and the MRI!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Ooh, puppy pix would be awesome!

And yeah, hope the MRI and internet behave themselves!