Tue Day 23's Meals and Exercise

Can we say "arf"? So busy with the dog that... well, just read...

-forgot - had puppy poo and other puppy things to deal with
-a.m. supplements

-low fat tuna salad with rice crackers

-binged - couldn't help it - got to these before Hubby could hide for me - finished the pack of york peppermint patties and raspberry 3-musketeers.

-Hubby and Tween had Mickey Dee's while I had...
-taco meat with corn chips, cheese, and sour cream
-1 bite of gf chocolate cupcake - Tween finished it
-p.m. supplements

-several walk attempts around cul-de-sac to get puppy used to collar and leash
-walk around block with chihuahua, new puppy, Tween and Hubby

Goal Check:
-No sodas? Check
-Eat out/Order in Only Once Per Week: Check
-Gluten-Free? Check
-Supplements? Check

Notes: Played all day with Tween and Puppy and worked with basic training. We went outside a lot in hopes we'll "potty" train him. Didn't get much work done but I feel like I was physically active all day. I mean - this 10 wk old puppy weighs 21.2 pounds (according to vet) and can already pounce to knock me over - from sitting to flat on my back! Gonna stop that!

Hormone Note: Definitely on my period! Yippee! This losing weight/getting healthy thing is definitely helping my hormones.


the Bag Lady said...

Vee - what kind of puppy is it? Are you crate-training? If you are (and it really is the best way), have you tried putting a hot water bottle and a ticking clock in the crate? That sometimes helps with the whining.

Looking forward to seeing pictures!

(Oh, and have I mentioned - congratulations on losing the weight you have lost! Looks to me as though you are doing quite well with that!)

the Bag Lady said...

Vee - here is a link to a really good, really informative website for dog training:

Hope it helps!

Deborah said...

Unfortunately potty training a puppy is a sloooooowwwwww process.

Pictures? We need pictures of new furry family members! 21 pounds at 10 weeks tells me it's going to be a really big dog when all grown up.

Ron said...

Sounds like you had a busy day! Keep at making those healthy choices!!!

Cammy said...

Sign me up for pictures too! :)

And yes, losing weight can get the hormones all aligned and evened out. They're not tamed completely, but they can be much more manageable.